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Imeva: the ideal partnership for General Contractors

In the implementation of projects for new infrastructures or renovation and modernization of existing ones, the designated General Contractor needs to train a team of qualified companies and professionals in the industry to support him/her in the completion of the works within the fixed costs and timeframes.

With more than 50 years of experience in the field of design and production of road safety systems, Imeva is the perfect supplier, attentive to the needs of both the Client and the General Contractor.

General Contractors | Imeva

Why Imeva

Imeva is a solid, innovative solutions provider with consolidated experience in the transportation industry and major infrastructure projects, operating as site management both in Italy and abroad.
For each project, Imeva guarantees the following points to the General Contractor:

  • compliance with safety requirements and regulations;
  • compliance with the highest quality standards;
  • definition and strict observance of a precise work schedule;
  • an Engineering & Design Office able to provide construction and “as Built” design with the help of specialized software for 3D drawing, structural calculation and numerical simulations, offering its technical support during the various phases of development;
  • manufacturing and use of high-quality materials and products, such as barriers and other passive and active safety systems, pipelines for bridge-tube structural use, which are continuously updated and tested;
General Cotractors | Imeva
General Contractors | Imeva
  • constant monitoring of work-in-progress, with scheduled meetings with the General Contractor concerning safety, quality and environmental aspects, as well as project status.
  • 24-hour on-site support for logistics services, installation and solution of any technical problems during work.

Imeva is therefore a valuable partner of the General Contractor, working constantly at his side to create value at every stage of a project.